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“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” – Anonymous

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and be part of the solution. The good news is that there are simple and powerful actions you can take right now. By planting and caring for trees, you can create a cooler and healthier Los Angeles. One healthy tree cools the city as much as 10 room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day…without having to run those air conditioners! A mature tree canopy reduces urban air temperatures by 5-10° F. Trees are multi-tasking superheroes – cooling and cleaning our air, conserving and cleaning our water, removing carbon dioxide, and making our city more beautiful and livable.

Here are actions you can take part in right away to grow a greener, cooler, city for tomorrow…and have fun doing it!

Plant and care for trees

Take a look around your home and community. Chances are there are a lot of places could use more trees. TreePeople can make it easy for you to plant and care for trees:

Photo courtesy of the Council for Watershed Health

Mind your water

As the city warms, it is even more important to conserve water, and when possible, to capture rainwater. Your trees will survive, and we will help ensure our water supplies.

Find out how easy it is to:

Photo by David Cassell

Enrich your soil

Everything is rooted in the soil. Freeing the city from too much concrete and asphalt and building healthy soil cools the air, allows trees and plants to thrive, and allows rainwater to infiltrate and renew our local water supply.

You can help renew your home’s and the city’s soil:

TreePeople is a non-profit organization that unites the power of people, trees, and nature-based solutions to grow a more sustainable future for Los Angeles. For nearly forty years, TreePeople has inspired, engaged and supported Angelenos to take personal responsibility for the urban environment. Since its beginnings TreePeople volunteers have planted more than two million trees in the Los Angeles region. Find out more.

Get up to seven free trees from the Million Trees L.A. program.

Los Angeles has 21% tree canopy cover, which is below the national average of 27%. The goal of Million Trees L.A. is to bring our city up to the national average. California friendly trees are ideal for this project; that is, trees that are adapted to L.A.’s semi-arid climate and so require less water.

Retrofit Your House With A Cool Roof

Cooler roofs mean cooler buildings.

Cool roofs reduce the overall energy consumption of individual buildings by lowering air-conditioning demand. If the building is not air-conditioned, cool roofs can make the building considerably more comfortable.

Learn more about Cool Roofs and ways you can save.

Cool Roofs

Reduce your carbon footprint with these exciting programs:


LA DWP offers energy efficiency rebates and programs.

LA DWP Go Green for residents.

Feed-in-tariff programs for solar installation.

Ride your bike!

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